Itty’s – Our little babies start out at 6 weeks and range to about 9 months or until the child is a “mover.” This classroom is for our non-moving infants. This allows our newborn babies to get the attention, love, and tummy time they need. Our teachers are caring, and bond with each baby to ensure a level of trust is established.  As a new parent, please rest assure we will feed, change and love your newborn the way you direct us to. With that said please also understand that our relationship with your baby is brand new therefore it may take a little time for them to respond, eat, and interact with us the same way they would at home.

Movers – Our movers classroom ranges in age from about 9 months to 15 months of age, or when the child is beginning to be a “mover,” in that the child is crawling, standing, being a mobile baby. Our mobile babies are separated from the newborns, giving them the opportunity to learn through exploration as they grow and become more socially engaged with others.

Toddlers – Our toddler room starts out at 15 months and goes until the child turns 2. Full energy and excitement are a natural part of growth and learning for our toddlers. We channel that energy into positive learning experiences, which allows our toddlers the room they need to explore. We provide nurturing guidance as they learn to develop the necessary physical, emotional, and social skills needed to master emerging milestones.

2’s – Most two-year-olds are filled with energy and innate curiosity about the world around them. They’re also quickly developing their sense of independence. At our center, we offer opportunities for them to explore their growing individuality. This active classroom engages their imaginations with abundant opportunities to move, explore and discover new experiences while forming a foundation for learning.

3’s – In our 3-year-old classroom, the children learn to not only express socialization skills, but learn to work with others, follow simple directions, follow routines, develop self-help skills, potty train, and gain independence. This classroom provides a perfect balance of instruction and freedom for our curious and fun three-year-olds.

4’s – Our Pre-K program offers socialization, structure, and learning skills every child needs to prepare for kindergarten. To engage and nurture each child, our program is designed to build skills vital to success, gain respect for others, and develop a strong sense of confidence. We focus on following multi-step instructions, finding multiple ways to solve problems, organizing work, and sustaining attention spans.

School age – We offer summer care, school breaks and holidays for school age kids. Please give our LT2 location in Carterville, and our LT5 location in Marion a call for enrollment for this age group.